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“How to Turn Your Partner Into A Swinger” is a unique product catering for a very specific niche market.

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Subject: How to Introduce Your Lover to Swinging
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It’s <Your Name> here from <Your Company> Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a swinger? Maybe live out a few sexual fantasies? Actually, it’s not such a strange idea and nowadays there are literally tens of thousands of couples who have sexy fun with others.
In fact, it’s been called ‘the new way to date’ and it’s far more common than you realise. And here’s something else interesting: Swinging is actually something that usually (not always, but done right, usually) makes a relationship stronger! The couples who swing almost invariably report it brings them closer together, more in love – and they have a heap of fun too! The problem is that for many people, men especially, while they like the idea of it, and may have even discussed it with their partner, it never goes anywhere.
Their partner - particularly if it’s the woman - may in fact be turned off by the idea! Well I just wanted to let you know about a new book that’s been released that has a got a great system that will help any couple interested in swinging to overcome their fears and insecurities. It’s a powerful, extensively researched and proven system to unleash a couple’s sexual relationship... and get you having more sexy fun than you ever imagined. If you’re even mildly curious I really suggest you check it out! Here’s the link: <Important : insert your ID in the xxxx>
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Article #1: How to Introduce Swinging to your Lover
If you are married or in a relationship and have always been excited by the thought of swinging but don’t know how to introduce the idea to your partner then you will be interested in this article. There are really only three things you need to consider, the quality of your communication, your intimacy and your sexual chemistry.
After reading this article and applying the information you should find your partner much more receptive to the idea.
Firstly, to be successful at swinging requires an unusually high degree of communication and trust in your relationship. Swinging is not a replacement for your relationship, it should be an enhancement (if it becomes a replacement you are headed for trouble). You need to find ways to deepen your communication. The most effective way to do this is to think about what is important to your partner. What are their values? If you know this you can communicate to them in ways that are meaningful to them. For instance, if your partner is the sort of person who is cautious you need to acknowledge that in your activities together. Don’t surprise him or her with a bungy jump on your anniversary!
Once you are communicating in ways that make your partner feel more heard the next step is to increase the amount of intimacy in your relationship. This is something that for many couples has waned with time. Now is the time to reactivate your intimacy! You can start his in small ways. Think back to the beginning of you relationship. What were some o the things that you did together that were very intimate but which your partner seemed to really enjoy? It might have only been a kiss on the neck or holding her hand in a certain way. Perhaps you spoke to him/her in a specific tone of voice or used specific words. Try to remember these and to reintroduce them into your relationship.
With increased intimacy will come more sexual chemistry. This is where the two of you can start to get adventurous. If your partner feels loved by you – and made to feel that there is nothing you would do to harm them – then exploring sexual fantasies such as involving others becomes a real possibility. Start things slowly. Perhaps plan a visit to a nude beach or resort (there are many of these around the world). Even just begin to introduce talk about some of your fantasies (in a very low key way). Judge his/her reaction!
The chances are your partner may also have thought about swinging as something to try as well. However, even with a partner who does not appear particularly sexual, by introducing better communication, greater intimacy and more sexual chemistry in loving ways you may be surprised at the positive response you get. After all, we are all sexual beings and for many couples swinging is simply a way of adding more spice and love to their own relationship.
If you are serious about becoming a swinger with your partner and would like some specific tools on how to introduce it into your relationship visit
Article #2: How To Introduce Your Lover to the Swinging Lifestyle
Have you ever had the thought that you would like to be a swinger and indulge in sexual fantasies such as couple swapping, threesomes and orgies? Yet your partner is not interested? Do not despair – there are things you can do about it.
Most people have sexual fantasies of some sort or other. It is perfectly natural and is part of our wiring as sexual creatures. However there are also many people who would like the thought of actually acting out some of their fantasies but are unable to due to the reluctance of their partner. Maybe this is you?
Perhaps you have even mentioned it to your partner and he or she has expressed a lack of interest. Even worse, they might be openly hostile and even accuse you of trying to damage your relationship or of making them feel rejected.
The fact is, however, that swinging (which is really just acting out fantasies of having sex with other people) is a natural and very exciting enhancement to the love lives of thousands of couples worldwide. Far from it damaging a relationship, swinging couples generally report that swinging actually enhances their marriage, bringing them closer together and improving their communication.
If your lover is not keen on the idea of swinging, there are a number of things you can do:
Firstly, be aware that swinging is (or can be) a natural outcome of a trusting an loving marriage and relationship. You really cannot be successful long-term swingers without a very deep level of trust and communication between you. Therefore the key to becoming a swinger is to find ways to enhance the trust, communication and intimacy in your marriage.
Trust is a vital component of intimacy for most people in a relationship, and the key to your partner opening up sexually. So rather than focus on trying to get your partner feeling ‘sexy’ per se, discover ways you can make them feel more loved, appreciated and adored. Let them know that they the most important person in your life. Make them know that they are (in your eyes) the most attractive person on the planet.
Article #3: How To Deal With Your Wife Not Wanting to Have Sex
In many relationships there seems to be an imbalance of sexual desire. There are lots of reasons for this. One partner may lose interest over time. External factors such as pressures of work and children may make sex become a lower priority and something that needs to be fitted in around other activities. It is also true that familiarity can cause two people to find that sex becomes mundane.
Unfortunately, it is more common that it is the woman who seems to lose interest first. While this is by no means always the case – and many women complain that their husbands do not give them enough sexual attention – it is a complaint often heard. It also seems rather more acceptable for a woman to lose interest in sex because she can blame it on the ‘hormones’. But while the external factors mentioned above can play a significant part there are many things that can be done to keep sexual interest alive for both partners in a relationship.
The reality is that interest in sex for a woman usually begins long before getting into the bedroom. In fact a lack of interest in sex is usually a symptom of something else going on in the relationship. For a woman to feel sexual she must feel feminine and in today’s society there are enormous pressures placed upon women to look ‘perfect’. So if a woman feels she is becoming less desirable – in other words is given less attention – then she will often shut down her sex drive as a form of self protection. This is not done consciously of course. However as sex is very much tied up in self esteem for a woman, if she does not feel as attractive she will lose her interest in sex.
So the first key in dealing with your wife’s interest in sex is to ask yourself how attractive you think SHE thinks she is. Do you think she sees herself in very sexual terms? If not it is your job to get her thinking of herself as attractive and sexy again.
Some of the ways you can do this are:
1. Pay her compliments on how she looks. Tell her she looks sexy and gorgeous. Show her you find her desirable.
2. Make gestures of affection and flirting towards her that again make her feel that you want her. These can include sensual stroking to lightly arouse her, kissing her on the neck, touching her, and more!
3. Explore sexual topics with her. These should not be extreme (to start with anyway!) but again you will be sending her a message that you see her a sexual – and desirable – woman. Maybe talk to her about some of your fantasies (the ones that involve her of course), explore sexual topics, even experiment with erotic situations (such as going for a skinny dip, visiting a nude beach, going to an adult shop to see what they have on offer).
By communicating with your wife that you still see her as a sexual being and that you still find her attractive and desirable, she will become much more interested in expressing that desirability.
Good luck and persevere; remember that you love her and she is worth it.
If you want a really powerful yet simple system that will unleash the sexual goddess in any woman, be sure to visit
Article #4: How To Spice Up The Sex in Your Marriage
Many couples, particularly those who have been together for a while, find that the sexual side of their relationship can begin to wane and become a bit stale. Sex for them may become dull or even boring. Even worse, they may totally cease having sex together. Here are some ideas that can help you.
The problem is that in other ways they may have a loving and stable relationship but it just lacks some sexual excitement. And because all humans are in their essence sexual beings, this may cause feelings of guilt and frustration. Couples may simply feel not that attracted to their partner any more, even though they still like sex itself.
The first key to resolving this is to acknowledge that your sexual desire for your partner has diminished.You can’t do something about a problem until you acknowledge it is there!
Secondly, accept that there can be many reasons for this. You are not strange or unusual and it does not mean your marriage is in trouble. In fact, by recognizing this as an issue it shows you are probably prepared to do something about it, which is a good thing. Some of the reasons for decreased sexual desire are pressures of family, work and lifestyle, lack of time and even hormonal changes. Perhaps one of the most common is familiarity; you know everything about your partner’s body and sexual expression (or think you do!) so it has lost the excitement and novelty value it once had.
Another thing that should be kept in mind is that sexual desire in a marriage or relationship is not a constant thing. You can go through phases of feeling more or less interested in sex. It will very often be due to the external circumstances of your lives at any given time.
Now that you have acknowledged there is a problem what can you do about it? Well a key component to the solution here is to be found in the question: “What was it about our early relationship that made sex so exciting and such fun?” If you think back you will probably find that the answer has in it two key words – ‘priority’ and ‘novelty/newness’. Because you were both learning about each other, you were excited by the novelty of it all. And of course because of that you made it a priority in your lives.
So if you really want to spice up your sex life again, you must find ways to reintroduce priority and novelty into your sexual experience. Try some new things – why not visit a nude beach or naturist club (these are not sexual places but it can’t help but make you feel more aware of your physical bodies), watch an erotic (not pornographic) movie together. And why not even look into swinging, which many couples report does wonders for their sex life.
The most important thing is to recognize that sex in a marriage or relationship really can stay great. You just need to find new ways to keep it alive.
Looking to really spice up your sex life with your partner? Read “How To Introduce Your Lover to Swinging” which is great for men AND women. Find it at

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